Island Hopping

Hawaii Island hopping is an enjoyable way to see more than one Hawaii Island while you are on your vacation. Sometimes the most tiresome part of your vacation is flying to or from Hawaii out of your hometown city. Two, three, four or even five islands are fun to visit if you have enough time available for your Island hopping trip.

Each of the Hawaii Islands offers an entirely different experience. They have very different climates and activities for you to enjoy. We have travelers that call us daily and ask about multi Hawaii Island or Hawaii Island hopping vacation packages. They want to know if 3 or 4 islands are too much to visit while in Hawaii. If they have a minimum of 3 nights to visit on each of the islands they are going to then we will recommend they do an island hopping vacation. Of course, 4 or 5 nights on each island would be better but not everyone can take off work for that long on a vacation.

If you are planning a Hawaii island hopping vacation usually you can save more if you buy your tickets 6 to 9 months in advance. Some customers call wanting a last minute trip to get a "last minute discount". That used to work but all of the airlines have cut back on the number of planes that they operate in order to pack their existing planes as full as possible with passengers. This allows them to maximize their profits! It's not to your advantage. Hawaii Island Hopping will be the most enjoyable vacation of your lifetime.

By waiting to book your trip "at the last minute" sometimes causes you to not have a good selection of seating options available or worst yet have to wait till you get to the airport to get your seats assigned. Possibly not being able to sit with your travel partner.

Even changing your departure or return dates by one or 2 days can sometimes save you hundreds of dollars. Buying the flights at the same time you buy your hotels and cars can keep the cost of your Hawaii Island Hopping package within reason.

Most Popular Island Hopping Islands

  • Oahu – “The Gathering Place”

  • Kauai – “The Garden Isle”

  • Maui – “The Valley Isle”

Other Islands

  • Hawaii – “The Big Island”

  • Lanai – “The Pineapple Isle”

  • Molokai – “The Friendly Isle”

Not Visited, but Not Forgotten

  • Niihau – “The Forbidden Isle”

  • Kahoolawe – “The Target Isle”